About Me

 Thanks for visiting my page.


I am a freelance illustrator from Sugar City, Idaho.

I started learning Adobe Photoshop in middle school and since then illustration has been my plan A as a career. 


I had the opportunity to attend school at Brigham Young University of Idaho for four years. While there I was able to learn from the best professors, and I still look back on those times with a lot of gratitude.

Since that time I have worked on various E-book projects, book covers, and character commissions. 

When I am not drawing I enjoy reading, singing, writing and spending time with my husband and little black cat Albus. 

Albus The Office Cat


I did not adopt the cat he adopted me. I am actually more of a dog person in general, but Albi is the constant presence in my home office. His favorite past time is playing fetch with elastics, and posing for his Instagram @aubbysalbi.


Ever since we met Caleb and I have been each others best friends.


Although we grew up 30 minutes away from each other for 24 years we didn't meet until last summer.


 After a short lived long distance relationship the rest is history and we were married May 2, 2020. 


Thank the stars that I have something new to laugh about every day with this man.


One of the highlights of my college experience, was starting up a band with my Coworkers. The FTC. I played the Saxophone.

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